Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hungarian celebrities support Budapest Pride

This is what fame should be used for?! In an ideal world yes, but in reality... I don't think so... I don't think it should be a fundamental expectation, nor do I think that is a minimal effort that everyone should do. The word should means something is compulsory... well, it is not.

But, I welcome everyone who wants to raise her/his voice in this issue. So, I called lot of celebrities the week before last week (yes, can't wait my phone bill to arrive), I talked to at least 60 people within 3 days, told them what our idea was and asked if they wanted to participate. I explained the context -- basically that the police refused to grant permission for the march and we had to turn to the court. Thus, with supporting video messages from famous people (mostly hetero supporters) we can
  • reach a lot of people
  • engage a lot of people to come to the march
  • raise awareness of the legal discrimination and inequality
  • start changing the society
I do think that we shall thank all who participated in this video project. Because it means a lot. It means a lot that famous people from the cultural sector came, told their opinion, showed and ensured their support and solidarity.

From this time on, we are going to post a video each day until the festival (july 1-8), keep following :) 

The first one is with Szabó Győző -- this is an exceptional video, because instead of a "usual" supporting message, we recorded the visual representation of our first phone call (which was actually funny). He misunderstood the event, thought it was Budapest Ride, a march with motorcycles and bikes, not Budapest Pride the march for LGBTQ people. He did not really understand why it was almost banned. It was also unclear for him why I said no, you can not come to the march by motorcycle. Finally it turned out that the whole chat was based on a huge misapprehension :)


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