Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our lecture during the United Nations Conference

WOOOOOOTTT! We rock. That is the conclusion of today. I already told you about the presentation our Women's group at the Amnesty International was supposed to do. The conference was held in Piliscsaba, at Pázmány Péter University -- the whole event started at 10. We arrived just in time so we could even hear the previous lecturer. 

 The topic - maternal death - was quite hard, we did a lot of research in the past week and when we put together the material we still needed to make a presentation out of that. I'm this creative-fancy-colorful design person so I happily undertook this task, not to mention that I'm in love with Prezi. I prefer Prezi to PowerPoint because I'm sure that our thinking is not linear (at least not mine), not focused and can not be structured like that. Prezi provides a surface for free association, you can arrange your thoughts "in space", thus the result is a more complex, spectacular presentation. If anyone is interested can check the material below (note that it is in Hungarian):

Approximately 40-50 people attended our lecture, but all of them paid attention, some made comments, asked questions -- I guess this is what I would call engaged audience. And this is what I usually lack in case of the Hungarian university systems but luckily this conference was an exception. The whole experience was fascinating. And we were also gifted a bottle of wine. Thank you, thank you!

Since the event was held today, I have not found any pictures about us taken during the presentation, but we posed with our strawberry wine outside :)


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